Sunday, August 19

Puding jagung - resipi turun temurun

Before I start, sorry Rian, for the delay of this recipe!! Hehe..
Anyway, people, I think this is the easiest party dish ever. Serves a lot too!!!

About 300g of custard flour
1 can of corn in syrup (the one our moms make soup with)
1 can of light creamer
6 cans of H2O (use above cans to measure)
About 4 senduk nasi of sugar

Mix all of the above ingredients in a pot.
Cook on big fire at first (I'm imaging bonfire, but of course, I don't mean that), constantly stirring the mixture.
And when the texture gets all thickened up, do put on slow fire, stirring still.
You can dip the spatula to taste the pudding.
Add sugar to taste.
Let the mixture boil (its thick, yeah, but when it bubbles, thats to mean it is boiling).
Remove from pot into desired container (just chuck in a big container of if you're rajin, you can put in small decorative container).
Eureka! I give you, corn pudding.

Serve with some sweet gravy. Might want to try and mix light creamer, corn flour, sugar. Simmer till you get desired thickness/taste. Then again, the pudding is fine by itself.

I heard tepung custard tidak ada di Czech. NOOO!!!!

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Muhd said...

baru try td..tapi tak makan lg...rupenye ada la cam puding jagung..i think dun have to use thickener pun tak pe..